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Give your gameplan a winning edge with PlayAction®PRO, the enterprise application suite designed for your sports team and developed for the iPad.® Our digital playbook solution eliminates the need for clunky three-ring binders and cluttered stacks of DVDs. Efficient and affordable, PlayAction®PRO is a secure and portable software platform that enables team preparation, performance, communication and collaboration.

PlayAction PRO by Digital Playbooks


PlayAction® PRO's interactive touch-screen technology better prepares coaches and players, allowing them to interact, collaborate and communicate more effectively.


An eco-friendly alternative to legacy paper binders and wasteful printing, PlayAction® PRO is a "one-stop app" for teams in any sport and league. List of team sports we currently support.


PlayAction® PRO's subscription model makes it a cost-effective solution for any team size. There are no hidden costs or additional setup fees. Just download the app, sign up, create your team and invite members to join.


Via a web-based portal, team content is centrally managed, encrypted and securely deployed to each iPad. In addition, teams can remotely wipe any device that is lost or stolen.


With the iPad®, teams on the move never miss a step. SleepSync®, our automated sync tool, ensures content is automatically synchronized with tablets, anytime, anywhere.

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Core App Features

PlayAction® PRO is comprised of two main components, our mobile application and our web-based customer admin portal. Teams load and securely store videos, documents, messages and schedules in their private account, allowing only registered users to access the content via their iPad tablets. Some of our core features across all subscription packages include:

  • Playbook Reader with Multimedia Annotations
  • Custom Video Player, Telestrator and Private Playlists
  • In-App Messaging System
  • Team Events & Scheduling
  • Interactive Whiteboard & Collaboration
  • Custom Team Branding Capabilities
  • Private Chat Module
  • Team Roster & User Profiles
  • Support for 70+ doctypes (Word, PPT, Excel, Visio, XML)
  • Team Photo Galleries
  • Media Browser

Mobility & Security

PlayAction® PRO is a mobile, agile software platform with high-level security features, ensuring your team content is always stored and encrypted, whether it be on premise or in the cloud.

  • Built on a Secure Web-based Platform
  • Device Encryption & Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  • Automated "Sleep-Mode" Sync via SleepSync Automated Sleep-mode Sync
  • Secure Cloud Media Storage
  • User Groups & Role-based Permissions
  • Session Timeout and Autolock Features
  • iPad Location Tracking
  • User Analytics and Statistics
  • Portable Video Converter and Compressor Portable Video Converter/Compressor
  • Silent Push Notifications & Custom Alerts

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sleepsync auto synchronization on iPad

Introducing SleepSync®,
Automated Data Synchronization and Content Delivery

No wires? No worries. With SleepSync®, teams automatically sync remote data and push large-scale media content to securely-provisioned iPads while the tablets (and the team) are in "sleep mode."

  • Remotely sync team content across any device
  • Auto-generate push notifications once content has downloaded
  • Schedule daily, nightly or weekly syncs or execute manually
  • Track devices, usage and enable/restrict user access

Available as an add-on dashboard tool to My.PlayAction.Pro.
SleepSync® is a registered trademark of Digital Playbooks, LLC.


PlayAction®PRO, is now available for download from the Apple App Store. Built for coaches and players alike, PlayAction®PRO by Digital Playbooks, is a robust product suite perfect for any team sport around the globe.

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How It Works

  • Download and install the app
  • Register your iPad device and check your email for confirmation
  • Sign up and select a subscription package for your team
  • Create your account and begin setting up your team
  • Check your email for all login credentials and account passwords

Team Sports We Support:

  • American Football
  • Australian Football
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Cricket
  • Gaelic Football
  • Handball
  • Hurling
  • Field Hockey
  • Ice Hockey
  • Lacrosse
  • Rugby
  • Soccer
  • Volleyball
  • Water Polo
Pack n Play media server logo

Pack ‘n Play® Portable Media Server for Teams on the Move

Whether your team is on the road or in the air, our Pack ‘n Play® solution keeps teams "in sync" with their latest video and interactive content. Our wireless router acts as a personal "hot spot" allowing players and coaches to access post-game HD video footage while on travel. Pack ‘n Play® is powerful and portable, perfectly sized for your backpack or back pocket.

  • Secure Wi-Fi Hot Spot
  • Portable storage solution for media content
  • Ideal for traveling teams and organizations

Available as an add-on dashboard tool to My.PlayAction.Pro.
Pack ‘n Play® is a registered trademark of Digital Playbooks, LLC.


More tablets will be shipped in 2015 than desktop computers and laptops combined.

Basic Package

  • of users access the internet from mobile devices or tablets such as the iPad.

EDU package

  • Users studying on mobile devices are 3 times more likely to track their progress.

PRO package

  • Student athletes report an increase in motivation to learn when using the iPad.


Pack n Play media server logo

Shrink ‘n Sync® Integrated Video Transcoder

Shrink ‘n Sync® by Digital Playbooks, is an integrated media transcoder that enables Coaches, Video Coordinators and Editors to seamlessly compress and convert large-scale videos and media files for use on tablets and mobile devices. Our desktop client reduces HD videos to a fraction of their original file size with minimal loss of quality. Supported file types include WMV, MOV and AVI.

  • Converts any video format to Mp4
  • Compresses videos with minimal impact to image quality
  • Easy-to-use desktop client app
  • Syncs with PlayAction® PRO's online Media Browser

Available as an add-on dashboard tool to My.PlayAction.Pro.
Shrink 'n Sync® is a registered trademark of Digital Playbooks, LLC.

Subscription Packages

Choose from one of three subscription packages, or build your own.

Basic Package

starting at $72 /year

  • 1 Team
  • 15 Roster Profiles
  • 1 User Account
  • 1 User Device
  • 10 Groups
  • 10 Bookshelves
  • 10 Photo Albums
  • 10 Video Playlists
  • 10 Whiteboard Albums
  • 2.5 GB Cloud Storage
  • 0 Messages
  • 1000 Events
Sign up and select a package

EDU package

starting at $1.8K /year

  • 1 Team
  • 25 Roster Profiles
  • 25 User Accounts
  • 25 User Devices
  • 25 Groups
  • 25 Bookshelves
  • 25 Photo Albums
  • 25 Video Playlists
  • 25 Whiteboard Albums
  • 25 GB Cloud Storage
  • Unlimited Messages
  • Unlimited Events
Sign up and select a package

PRO package

starting at $10.8K /year

  • 1 Team
  • 150 Roster Profiles
  • 150 User Accounts
  • 150 User Devices
  • 50 Groups
  • 50 Bookshelves
  • 50 Photo Albums
  • 50 Video Playlists
  • 50 Whiteboard Albums
  • 50 GB Cloud Storage
  • Unlimited Messages
  • Unlimited Events
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Build Your Own

Enterprise Installation

    For on-premise installation, setup, site licenses and pricing, contact us.

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